Monday, June 23, 2014

Green Water Technologies Reports Home Appliances Benefit from Softened Water

According to water experts at Green Water Technologies, the Water Quality Research Foundation provides compelling evidence that softened water increases appliances’ efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity.

When most homeowners think about water quality, water consumption is their first concern. However, hard water – water that has not had its primary contaminants removed – is not only poisonous to humans but toxic to home appliances as well. Green Water Technologies explains that hard water is often a hidden expense for homeowners across the United States.

Recent independent research studies, according to the experts at Green Water Technologies, have proven that damage-causing particles can be removed from water prior to its entrance into the home. This allows appliances to work free from interference of solid particle pollution and contaminants.

Green Water Technologies says the study found that hot water heaters in particular most benefited from operating on properly softened water. The study asserts that over a 15-year lifetime, a gas water heater may lose nearly half of its original manufacturer-intended efficiency. Likewise, those utilizing electricity suffered a loss of performance due to scale buildup on the heating element.

This loss of efficiency means one thing to homeowners: dollars. Green Water Technologies points out that, in addition to replacement cost, these appliances consume more energy and water to operate. Additionally, hard water greatly reduces the cleaning power of most soaps and detergents, meaning the homeowner is forced to use more of these cleansing agents.

The benefits of softened water don’t stop at efficiency and money savings, according to the experts at Green Water Technologies. Other major benefits include a visibly cleaner home with sparkling dishes and less scum buildup in bathroom areas. Finally, clothing, bedding, and other items washed in soft water will maintain a like-new appearance far longer than those subject to hard water treatment.


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