Thursday, February 26, 2015

Greenwater Technologies | Water Essential to Life

As a respected distributor of the Pro Elite™ Professional Water Series by GE, Greenwater Technologies knows a thing or two about water. Here, the company responds to frequently asked questions as to why quality water is so important.

Q: How does drinking water affect the body’s fluid balance?

Greenwater Technologies: Scientists have proven that the body is made up of around 60% water. It obviously makes sense that the body needs water to function properly. Water is essential to nutrient transportation, body temperature, circulation, digestion, and absorption. Drinking plenty of water maintains the body’s balance of fluids and makes it easier for the systems that do these jobs to work efficiently.

Q: Can drinking water affect weight loss?

Greenwater Technologies: Yes. Water helps to control calories and energize the muscles. Drinking water as a substitution for soft drinks or sweet beverages can help keep your calorie count down. Additionally, water wards off muscle fatigue which happens when cells cannot maintain their fluid balance. The intake of fewer calories combined with more able muscles may help a dieter reach his or her weight loss goals.

Q: What does dehydration do to the skin?

Greenwater Technologies: This skin is the largest organ of the body and contains a great deal of water. If dehydrated, especially for long periods of time, the skin begins to form exaggerated wrinkles and can make one look tired and stressed. Lotions and skin creams only act as a barrier to retain moisture – we have to hydrate from the inside out.

Q: How is water important to kidney and bowel function?

Greenwater Technologies: Both the bowels and kidneys work to remove waste from the body. The kidneys focus on the purification of fluids while the bowels do the dirty work. Water is essential for both of these functions as it helps the body excrete urine and keep things flowing through the intestinal tract.


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