Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Green Water Technologies On Hydration And Mood

Green Water Technologies
According to the water experts at Green Water Technologies, even mild dehydration can trigger fatigue, headaches, memory problems, and moodiness. This may come as a surprise to many people who do not fully realize the impact of water on a person’s health. 
Green Water Technologies has touted the benefits of water many times. However, a recent study of more than two dozen women underscores the importance of staying hydrated even more. The study found that even being slightly deficient in water intake begins to have a profound effect on a person's mood. 

While many studies have been done about the effects of severe dehydration, this is the first of its kind to study mild dehydration, which is much more prevalent. During the study, Green Water Technologies says that researchers slowly dehydrated multiple women. They were given ample water on the first day, a slightly less sufficient volume on the second, and on the third test day, they were instructed to exercise and their water stores were not replenished. This final day of the study, the women also took a diuretic pill. 
Green Water Technologies representatives report that those who had been induced into a state of mild hydration performed poorly on mood questionnaires. They also noted that it was more difficult to concentrate at work and at home. Interestingly, the women were not told which group they were in, but overwhelmingly those with induced dehydration reported a poor mood and waning performance on common tasks. 
Ultimately, dehydration, whether mild or severe, is bad for the body. Green Water Technologies says that drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day and more on days you engage in exercise or other physically exhausting activities is the best way to keep your water levels just right.

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