Friday, September 5, 2014

Green Water Technologies – The Relationship Between Water and Good Health

The expert professionals of Green Water Technologies understand how clean and safe water is one of the most important aspects of life. By ensuring a safe supply of H20 for their clients, the company has protected families and given them peace of mind.

Q: How have health and water been linked in recent research studies?

Green Water Technologies: According to the Center for Disease Control, the leading causes of disease associated with drinking water include norovirus, hepatitis A, intestinalis and Shigella. As awful as that might seem, the problem is in fact far worse. There are numerous other health challenges posed by contaminated water as well.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Green Water Technologies on Water Systems and Treatment Options

Water quality improvement is at the center of all operations for the knowledgeable staff of Green Water Technologies. Both groundwater and surface water often require treatment from a company such as Green Water Technologies.

Raw water (also known as untreated water) is retrieved from a surface water source or underground aquifer. It is then delivered to a treatment facility. Upon arrival at the facility, the raw water receives treatment in order to rid it of leaves and other debris. The representatives of Green Water Technologies explain that this sequence is vital to eliminating microorganisms and disease-causing elements that may compromise the health of consumers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Green Water Technologies Offers Insight into the U.S. Water Supply

Green Water Technologies
We clean, cook, bathe and drink with it on a daily basis. But how much do most Americans know about the water in their homes? In today’s Q&A, Green Water Technologies explores this issue and explains why even chlorinated water may not be completely safe from harmful chemicals.

Q: Are there certain areas of the United States at greater risk for water contaminants?

Green Water Technologies: Even in parts of the country that have fewer contaminants than others, nitrates, bacteria and lead deposits can still wreak havoc in the water supply. Before giving friends and family members a cold, tall glass of H20, it might be a good idea to investigate what’s going on inside your tap.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Green Water Technologies Reports Home Appliances Benefit from Softened Water

According to water experts at Green Water Technologies, the Water Quality Research Foundation provides compelling evidence that softened water increases appliances’ efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity.

When most homeowners think about water quality, water consumption is their first concern. However, hard water – water that has not had its primary contaminants removed – is not only poisonous to humans but toxic to home appliances as well. Green Water Technologies explains that hard water is often a hidden expense for homeowners across the United States.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Green Water Technologies Encourages Families to Guard Against Unhealthy Water

When water exits a treatment facility, American citizens can trust it meets the regulations and standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act, according to the team at Green Water Technologies. It’s important to note that the water streaming from a home’s bathroom and kitchen faucets may have traveled miles to get to its final destination, through various stops along the way that include the water treatment facility, water towers, and the home’s internal plumbing.

Green Water Technologies also cautions consumers that a home’s water pipes may be in a state of disrepair due to long-term use or contamination. Completing a full restoration project of the home’s plumbing costs thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Green Water Technologies offers a wealth of options that can alleviate these problems over the long run.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Green Water Technologies Accepts Challenge of Solving Water Issues

Green Water Technologies
How much of the water traveling through the home winds up going into a person’s body? The answer might be surprising, says Green Water Technologies. Only 1 percent of water is used for drinking. The other 99 percent is used for brushing, showering, flushing, washing and a variety of other uses.

Just because people aren’t putting water directly in their bodies doesn’t mean that it can be ignored, cautions Green Water Technologies. Water is touching pets, dishes, clothes, bodies and appliances. Some questions must be answered so that homeowners can optimize quality and usage of working water. Green Water Technologies has the experience and knowledge to answer these complex questions by today’s concerned homeowners.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Green Water Technologies: What Is Unconditioned Tap Water?

Green Water Technologies
As a distributor of General Electric water treatment systems, Green Water Technologies has found that there’s a price to unconditioned water. Many assume that price is simply tap water that is a little less than pure, and that bottled water is a suitable workaround. Aside from the exorbitant cost of drinking bottled water daily, Green Water Technologies points out that there are other costs as well.

When tap water is unconditioned, it comes directly from water treatment centers through pipes, exiting through a home’s various fixtures. During this process, water encounters mineral deposits and chemicals that, when left untreated, are consumed by family members, cautions Green Water Technologies. (GWT also notes that most municipalities meet EPA standards as set forth by the government, but many homeowners have an issue with the aesthetics and the residual hard water problems.) The impact of these mineral deposits and chemicals is visible throughout the home, evident in residue on fixtures, basins and tubs, says Green Water Technologies.


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