Monday, December 21, 2020

Green Water Technologies On Gardening

Gardening is a fun hobby and one that you can plan for all winter long. According to Green Water Technologies, many people do really consider the type of water they put on their plants. Keep reading as the Texas-based water experts offer up a bit of advice on how to hydrate your hydrangeas. 
Q: Can you water plants with hard, unconditioned water? 
Green Water Technologies: Absolutely. Inside the home, hard water can cause staining and make it difficult to keep your fixtures, faucets, and sinks clean. But, calcium and magnesium may actually be good for some outdoor plants. Keep in mind, however, that an abundance of extra minerals may stunt growth, so just keep an eye on your plants. 
Q: Is it a good idea to water my garden with soft water? 
Green Water Technologies: Not really. Depending on where you live, your plants likely get the majority of their hydration from the rain. And, since rain is just recycled groundwater, it gets plenty of minerals to keep it healthy. The occasional soft water watering will not cause long-term damage, but, because many softening systems utilize saline, watering exclusively this way can lead to a buildup of sodium in the soil. 

Q: Is reversed-osmosis water a better choice? 
Green Water Technologies: It is. Reverse osmosis water is popular with gardeners. The process creates clean and consistent water, meaning gardeners can add the fertilizers and nutrients they want without having to test their water or measure their additives to account for calcium and magnesium. Something else to keep in mind with reverse osmosis water is that the pH is easily altered, meaning that gardeners can cater specifically to their alkaline or acidic-water-loving plants. 
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