Friday, November 7, 2014

Green Water Technologies on Water Treatment at Point of Entry

Green Water Technologies
Point-of-entry devices, according to the trusted professionals of Green Water Technologies, are whole-house systems designed to reduce the impurities in a water supply intended for cleaning clothes, brushing teeth, washing dishes, scrubbing toilets, bathing and showering. Considering the importance of clean water in our daily lives, it’s necessary for families to ensure that their homes are rid of any potential hazards inclined to wreak havoc on their health.

Ion Exchange Water Softeners vs. Water Filtration Systems

Ion exchange water softeners have served as one of the most productive methods for softening water, but other options are available on today’s market, reports Green Water Technologies. Water filtration systems are generally the most suitable way for removing both organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as rust, sand and silt. Water filters are designed to remove contaminants and chemicals and make water more suitable for a variety of uses including drinking.

Positively Charged Contaminants vs. Negatively Charged Contaminants

Positively charged contaminants, as defined by Green Water Technologies, include uranium, calcium, lead, magnesium and sodium. They are often referred to as cations. On the other hand, negatively charged contaminants are known as anions. Green Water Technologies offers up the following examples of anions: nitrates, nitrites, chlorides, sulfates and fluorides. Electrochemical water treatment systems, explains the team at Green Water Technologies, utiize electricity to remove contaminants present in a home or office water supply. By introducing electrodes into the environment, these systems can attract contaminants and eliminate them.


As a proven trailblazer in the field of water treatment, Green Water Technologies is proud to offer the GE Pro Elite system. The singular water treatment company providing the GE Pro Elite to its clients in south Texas, Green Water Technologies has built confidence by providing a first-rate customer experience that ensures quality water with a significant return of investment.

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