Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Green Water Technologies Tests Your Water Knowledge

Green Water Technologies
According to Green Water Technologies, most of us are familiar with the phrase “Water, Water, Everywhere...." And for water, it really is true. But how much do we really know about water? Here, the experts at Green Water Technologies clue us in on some water basics.

Q: Even though water is everywhere and we use it every day, most people don’t know enough when it comes to water basics. Simply put, what is water?

Green Water Technologies: Water is a molecule of H2O that contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Water is a transparent, odorless liquid.

Q: Where does residential water come from?

Green Water Technologies: The cycle of water begins with precipitation falling from the sky. Home water can come from two sources; either a groundwater source, such as a well, or from a surface-water source, such a lake, river, or reservoir.

Q: How much water do we use per day?

Green Water Technologies: Estimates vary, but a typical American uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day.

Q: What is the largest use of household water?

Green Water Technologies: This may surprise you, but the largest use of household water is flushing the toilet, and after that, taking showers and baths.

Q: Can a little leak waste a lot of water?

Green Water Technologies: It's not the little leak that wastes water—it’s the little leak that keeps on leaking that wastes water.

Q: How is the water we drink made safe?

Green Water Technologies: Treatments for safe water vary depending on the source of the water. However, if water is delivered from a municipality, it will most likely meet all EPA standards for potable water.  The only water that is not regulated before it enters a home are private wells.  There are a number of testing and treatment solutions readily available to ensure potability and all a homeowner has to do is have their well tested once per year and make the proper adjustments to the treatment is needed.


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