Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Green Water Technologies: What Is Unconditioned Tap Water?

Green Water Technologies
As a distributor of General Electric water treatment systems, Green Water Technologies has found that there’s a price to unconditioned water. Many assume that price is simply tap water that is a little less than pure, and that bottled water is a suitable workaround. Aside from the exorbitant cost of drinking bottled water daily, Green Water Technologies points out that there are other costs as well.

When tap water is unconditioned, it comes directly from water treatment centers through pipes, exiting through a home’s various fixtures. During this process, water encounters mineral deposits and chemicals that, when left untreated, are consumed by family members, cautions Green Water Technologies. (GWT also notes that most municipalities meet EPA standards as set forth by the government, but many homeowners have an issue with the aesthetics and the residual hard water problems.) The impact of these mineral deposits and chemicals is visible throughout the home, evident in residue on fixtures, basins and tubs, says Green Water Technologies.

According to Green Water Technologies, unconditioned water also has an impact on one’s shower experience. Unconditioned water affects how well soap and shampoo lather, requiring consumers to use more product to get the same results, Green Water Technologies explains. It also causes increased wear on clothing, causing tears and fabric failure, as well as leaving towels and blankets less soft and uncomfortable, Green Water Technologies has found.

By investing in a water treatment system, Green Water Technologies has discovered households are able to save money and live more comfortably. Over time, Green Water Technologies has learned that the buildup caused by unconditioned water wreaks havoc on household appliances. Dishwashers, washers and hot water heaters wear out sooner, causing both inconvenience and cost to households, Green Water Technologies stresses.

Some studies have also suggested that unconditioned water can cause health problems in consumers, adds Green Water Technologies. For more information on possible health effects, please refer to the President’s Cancer Panel Report online. As Green Water Technologies points out, a large part of the human body is water. The water consumed each day is important in hydrating cells and keeping people healthy, Green Water Technologies urges. It’s important that drinking water be as pure as possible to provide maximum benefits.

With a GE Pro Elite™ water treatment system, Green Water Technologies says, families can be confident that every drop of water that touches their dishes, drinking glasses, and skin is conditioned. When combined with the money conditioned water saves, Green Water Technologies believes conditioned water is a great choice for any family.


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