Monday, October 7, 2013

Green Water Technologies on the Benefits of Pro Elite Systems

Green Water Technologies
Green Water Technologies, located in San Antonio, Texas, is the exclusive distributor of the Pro Elite™ Professional Series Water Treatment Systems by GE. Their team of professional water treatment specialists provide expert service to clients.

Q: What makes Pro Elite Water Treatment Systems better than the competition?

Green Water Technologies: The Pro Elite Professional Series is one of the most sophisticated and eco-friendly water treatment systems available. They are designed with the preservation of our planet's resources at the forefront of the manufacturing process. The goal is to achieve superior energy efficiency while lowering the impact on the environment.

Q: How does the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System help protect the environment?

Green Water Technologies: Pro Elite systems offer energy-efficient operation that allows the use of milder cleaners instead of abrasive chemicals. Appliances require less detergent, soap and shampoo to achieve equal or better end results. Conditioned water will also extend the life of water-using appliances and improve the effectiveness of those appliances. The system will pay for itself in money saved in cleaning product purchases and appliance repair costs.

Q: What other benefits do clients see from installing a Pro Elite System?

Green Water Technologies: Hard water leaves behind residue and unsightly stains on tile, sinks, tubs and fixtures. It can result in etching and pitting of glass surfaces. Mineral buildup is often a big problem for water heaters. It decreases energy efficiency and shortens the life of all water-using appliances.

Q: What other benefits are the systems to customers?

Green Water Technologies: The benefits of changing to conditioned water are immeasurable. This may sound insignificant, but customers almost always comment on the increased absorbency and softness of their towels and linens. Ladies often remark on the difference in their skin and hair. They say their skin rinses cleaner, feels softer and less taut. I can't remember anyone ever saying they wish they hadn't invested in a Pro Elite System.


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