Friday, October 2, 2015

Firm Facts on Hard Water | Green Water Technologies

Green Water Technologies
Rain water doesn’t start out hard, it takes time. Green Water Technologies explains this process and how to remove mineral deposits in water for a healthier, cleaner home.

Rain water leaves the atmosphere and comes down to the terrain as “soft” water, reports Green Water Technologies. But once on the surface, it collects minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can damage a home’s appliances and make our lives a little less pleasant. As the water collects in streams and lakes, further changes take root, rendering what is called “hard” water.

While these minerals are not overtly dangerous, they reduce water’s effectiveness at removing soaps and cleaning chemicals and can cause a buildup of residue in washers and water heaters. This buildup can very quickly destroy appliances.

According to Green Water Technologies, utilizing a water softener like the Pro-Elite Water Treatment System by GE®, has many advantages in and around the home. Soft, conditioned water doesn’t clog pipes and can extend the lifetimes of our water-using appliances by 30% or more. Washing clothes in soft water leaves them cleaner and less likely to irritate the skin. Green Water Technologies also reports that softening water improves both taste and how it makes the skin feel during and after bathing. Some scientific research studies have even found a link between using softened water and a reduction in skin conditions like eczema.

Water is softened by a very simple process that involves resin beads. Green Water Technologies explains that these resin beads are charged with electricity and attract the minerals that render the water hard. Sodium ions in the form of a salt-based regenerate solution create this charge. The most efficient way to ensure that these beads remain charged sufficiently to do their job is with the professional installation of a self-monitoring system, such as the GE Pro-Elite.


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