Monday, July 9, 2018

Green Water Technologies | An Unusual Effect of Hard Water

Green Water Technologies
Green Water Technologies water experts have long asserted that hard, unconditioned water can take a toll on a person’s home and body. But it appears the damage caused by mineral deposits can have an even greater negative effect when used to irrigate certain types of property. Specifically, cemeteries.

According to Green Water Technologies, hard water isn’t dangerous to grass, trees, or flowers but does cause damage over time – sometimes less than four years – to cemetery headstones. The issue is noticeable in cemeteries across the Midwest, and specifically in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Hard water is introduced to the grave markers through common maintenance practices. In an effort to keep the grounds lush and green, many cemeteries employ the use of a timed irrigation system.

Granite headstones are at a high risk of discoloration and frequently exhibit stains, cracks, and blankets of mineral deposits after being routinely exposed to hard, unconditioned water, says Green Water Technologies. It should be noted that this is only applicable to areas with high concentrations of minerals in the public water source. Silica, calcium, and other minerals are deposited over time. When exposed to heat, granite headstones in contact with hard water will incur damage.

Green Water Technologies notes that it will take a combination of preventative practices and special cleaning treatments to restore currently damaged headstones and to prevent further degradation.

Green Water Technologies is a Texas-based home services company specializing in water filtration. As an exclusive area representative for General Electric, this decade-old company has demonstrated consistent quality in customer service, sales, and product installation.

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