Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Green Water Technologies on the Worst Drinking Water in the US

Green Water Technologies
Green Water Technologies says the vast majority of municipal water is perfectly healthy to drink straight from the tap. However, despite intense regulations through the Environmental Protection Agency, some water treatment facilities fall short.

In the following brief post, Green Water Technologies lists a few of the worst cities were tap water is concerned and says if you plan to move to one of these locales, it’s best to bring the water filter with you. Also included, cities with the best drinking water.


Reno, Nevada. According to Green Water Technologies, Reno has some of the worst water in the nation. A randomized test found 11 major contaminants, which are likely the cause of a high number of manufacturing establishments throughout the area.

Fresno, California. While California is largely thought of for it sunny skies and healthy bodies, certain parts of the state don’t measure up. In Fresno, for instance, water testing recently found more than 30 contaminants flowing from the tap, nine of which are cause for concern.

Corpus Christi, Texas. Moving toward the heartland of America, you’d think that the water quality gets better. But even in a city surrounded by water, there’s no guaranteeing quality. Corpus Christi’s water quality ranks low due to 11 detected contaminants in a recent test, says Green Water Technologies.


Macon, Georgia. Despite being one of the most agriculturally rich states in the nation, Georgia ranks high on water quality. Macon has been named the best of the best in water quality for the last five years.

Memphis, Tennessee. It’s possible that high water quality here gave Elvis Presley the hydration he needed to belt out so many tunes in the 60s and early 70s. Memphis’ water is some of the best in the nation with only two contaminants detected.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Green Water Technologies reports that Sioux Falls has the best water in the nation, according to recent testing. The northern city comes in with a water score of 110 and just minimal traces of minor contaminants.


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