Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Green Water Technologies Encourages Families to Guard Against Unhealthy Water

When water exits a treatment facility, American citizens can trust it meets the regulations and standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act, according to the team at Green Water Technologies. It’s important to note that the water streaming from a home’s bathroom and kitchen faucets may have traveled miles to get to its final destination, through various stops along the way that include the water treatment facility, water towers, and the home’s internal plumbing.

Green Water Technologies also cautions consumers that a home’s water pipes may be in a state of disrepair due to long-term use or contamination. Completing a full restoration project of the home’s plumbing costs thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Green Water Technologies offers a wealth of options that can alleviate these problems over the long run.

To ensure the safety of all Americans, drinking water that has received advanced treatment from a certified system is verified to exceed all the standards presented by the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974. For at-risk populations such as pregnant women, elderly people and babies, treated water can help them to avoid future health issues. Everywhere that water is consumed in San Antonio and surrounding areas, Green Water Technologies optimizes the 1 percent of water that homeowners and other residents drink on a daily basis.

A number of problems can beset our drinking water supply, including disinfection byproducts, corrosion products and contaminant intrusions. Unregulated contaminants – for example, endocrine disruptors – may also be present in the water. A majority of U.S. households have experienced water issues from time to time, notes Green Water Technologies. A little research may be necessary to assess the situation and understand how to proceed. The expert staff of Green Water Technologies has received extensive training in these particular issues and offers viable solutions for maintaining a home’s water quality.


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