Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Green Water Technologies: Why Well Water?

Green Water Technologies

Around 15% of the population of the United States relies on well water, according to Green Water Technologies. Well water is most common in rural areas, and it comes from underground water stores that have not been touched with the kinds of waste found in municipal bodies of water. Keep reading as the experts expound the benefits of water from the well.

Q: How is well water treated?

Green Water Technologies: Unlike city water, well water does not have to go through chemical treatment. Instead, many homeowners simply choose to filter organic compounds using a whole-home water filtration system. While municipal treatment is not harmful to human health, it does dramatically change the taste of the water. Forgoing these chemicals allows the homeowner to enjoy water as it was meant to be.

Q: How deep do I have to drill for the best water?

Green Water Technologies: When it comes to well water, the deeper, the better. The EPA recommends wells be dug at least 50 feet from your septic tank. For depth, consider 800 or more feet. This is because deeper water is less likely to come into contact with man-made contaminants, such as pesticides and industrial pollutants.

Q: Is it possible to remove minerals from well water?

Green Water Technologies: Considering that 100% pure water has never been seen by humans, it is not possible to remove everything. But you don’t necessarily want to. The minerals in your water, including copper and calcium, are vital for human health. However, you can filter much of this out, which may keep you from experiencing negative side-effects, such as rusty sinks and unintentionally colored hair – copper can turn your hair green.

Green Water Technologies explains that utilizing well water is one way to reduce your dependence on municipal services. Contact your local plumbing company to find out if your property can support well water.


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