Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Green Water Technologies: What to do in Case of Flood

Green Water Technologies
Water is a powerful force, say the experts from Green Water Technologies. And as spring gets nearer and nearer, they say it’s a good time to review how to handle yourself in case of a flood.

Floodwater and toxins

According to Green Water Technologies, floodwater may contain extremely high levels of toxic substances. This can include raw sewage and other environmental hazards. Their first suggestion is to avoid contact if possible.

If you do have to touch floodwaters, either to secure your home or to get to safety, wash your hands as soon as possible. This is especially important before eating and drinking because, as Green Water Technologies explains, you can easily transfer fecal matter and other toxins into your body. Waterborne illnesses can cause extreme gastrointestinal distress.

Use a generator with caution

Green Water Technologies also says to use caution if you have to use a generator during an emergency situation. Generators use gasoline, which emits harmful exhaust. Generators should be left outside on the highest ground possible and never be allowed to run indoors.

Do not drink contaminated water

In addition to not touching floodwaters, Green Water Technologies also explains that water must be brought to a full boil before consuming. This applies even to those with a home water filtration system, as floodwaters can leave local water stores unsafe to drink for days or weeks. If you have a well, wait until it has been tested and cleared before using water in your home, including to drink or bathe.

After the flood

Floodwaters don’t last forever, says Green Water Technologies, but the effects can linger. Mold is a serious biological hazard that can cause and worsen several health problems, including asthma. Once the water has receded, waterlogged carpet, drywall, and furniture should be removed. The building must be dried completely before replacing these items or else mold and mildew may grow rampantly.


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