Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Green Water Technologies: Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Green Water Technologies
According to Green Water Technologies, bottled water is more than just expensive. It’s a hazard to the environment. It is also nowhere near as healthy or safe as many people may believe. A better option is to invest in a reusable water bottle and a whole-home water filtration system.

Here’s why:

Bottled water is not safer or purer than tap water.

Green Water Technologies explains that bottled water, in most cases, it does not come from the types of places depicted on the labels. Instead of a mountain stream meandering through the French countryside or an Arctic pool untouched by man, most bottled water is actually taken from a municipal water source. Essentially, bottled water is tap water, and occasionally manufacturers will add certain minerals to give their water a distinct flavor.

Bottled water is exponentially more expensive.

If you were given the choice between a $1 plate of food and a $3000 plate of food, and each was virtually identical, which would you choose? The answer here seems simple. However, Green Water Technologies notes that bottled water is 3000% pricier than plain old tap water, at an estimated .02% per gallon compared to point $.64 per gallon.

Bottled water takes a toll on the environment.

It may seem pretty simple: put the water in a bottle, put the bottle in a pack, and take the bottles to the store for people to purchase. Green Water Technologies asserts that the truth is that these actions have many other sub actions and are highly impactful against the environment. For example, producing plastic water bottles requires more than 17 million barrels of crude oil. Similarly, the process of transporting the raw materials to the factory in the finished goods from the factory to the distribution point to their endpoint consumes fossil fuels and creates pollution.

Bottled water does not taste better.

Green Water Technologies is the premier resource for whole home filtration in the San Antonio area. The company has spent more than a decade getting to know everything there is about water. After numerous taste tests, they have come to the conclusion that bottled water does not taste better, and have found out that those who get used to drinking water from home tend to prefer it to expensive brand name beverages.


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