Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Green Water Technologies: What’s That Smell?

Green Water Technologies
Have you noticed a funny smell coming out of your showerhead lately? You’re not alone. Many people experience unpleasant odors at some time or another in their life as homeowners. Here’s how to tell what’s going on.

Rotten eggs

There is nothing pleasant about the smell of rotten eggs, especially when you’re trying to shower away the dirt of the day. But, according to Green Water Technologies, a lack of oxygen, particularly if you are on well water, can have this effect. This is because lower oxygen makes it easier for a certain type of sulfur bacteria to thrive. The solution is to aerate your water supply.


Hot tap water that smells a bit like dirt may be that way because of iron bacteria. Green Water Technologies explains that, although not necessarily harmful, nobody wants to drink a tall, cool glass of water that tastes like the bottom of their shoes. Along with an earthy odor, your toilet may get a little bit slimy when you’re dealing with iron bacteria. The solution here is to use a chemical feed and to properly oxidize the water.


There is nothing fishy about a fish smell coming from your water, says Green Water Technologies. It is simply an overabundance of cadmium, chloramines, or barium in your water supply. A reverse osmosis water filtration system can help.

Swimming pool

Your swimming pool is supposed to smell a little bit like chlorine, but not the water that you drink. Unfortunately, according to Green Water Technologies, your municipal water treatment plant may have to adjust chlorine levels from time to time to treat impurities. When chlorine is dialed up, it can leave a lingering odor in the water that flows through your pipes. A water filter may help.


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