Thursday, November 26, 2020

All About The Seas With Green Water Technologies

Green Water Technologies

According to Green Water Technologies, there are almost 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of ocean in the world. A chunk of this consists of 10 saltwater bodies. Here, the Texas-based water experts answer a few questions about a few of the world's largest oceans and seas. 
Q: Where is the Bering Sea? 
Green Water Technologies: The Bering Sea is located between Siberia and Alaska. It is a popular feature on Deadliest Catch, a Discovery Channel show that showcases crab fishing. The Bering Sea is known for turbulent conditions and its more than 400 different species of fish. 
Q: Is the Mediterranean Sea completely enclosed by land? 
Green Water Technologies: The Mediterranean Sea is almost landlocked, but not quite. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a small passage, and it is one of the busiest shipping routes on the planet. Unfortunately, this scenic and seemingly serene body of water is also one of the most polluted in the world. Accidental oil spills are common, and the Mediterranean Sea has become warmer over the last few decades thanks to global warming. 

Q: What is considered the most beautiful body of water? 
Green Water Technologies: All water is beautiful, but many people consider the 971,000 mi.² of Caribbean Sea to be the most pleasing to the eye. With an average temperature of approximately 75°, the Caribbean is undeniably the go to tourist attraction for many people year round. Although beautiful, the Caribbean is perilous, and there are frequent hurricanes, earthquakes, and underground volcanic flare ups that wreak havoc on the region. 
Q: What is the most well-known sea? 
Green Water Technologies: The vast majority of large bodies of water are universally known. However, few have inspired as much folklore as the Arabian Sea, which was the transport route heavily featured in the tales of Sinbad.


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