Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Green Water Technologies | PH And Water

Green Water Technologies

What is pH? According to Greenwater Technologies, it is simply a measure of how acidic something else. And when it comes to water, pH is an important thing to consider. Read more about it in the brief Q&A session below. 
Q: What is the ideal pH of water? 
Green Water Technologies: Pure water, which is rarely (if ever) available, has a pH of 7. This makes it neutral and balanced. It is neither an acid nor a base. 
Q: Should you drink low pH or high pH water? 
Green Water Technologies: In general, most people drink a variety of pH waters. Low pH water is, unfortunately, corrosive and may damage water pipes, so it is not ideal to run into a home. Low pH water can pull toxic substances out of plumbing fixtures and may contain high levels of metal. Further, water with a pH of less than 6.5 may have a sour or acidic taste and can cause greenish blue staining in your bathtub and sinks. 
Q: Is high pH water dangerous? 
Green Water Technologies: Not necessarily as it does not pose a health risk. However, like low pH water, there are issues associated with the water that has a pH level of 8.5 or higher. High pH usually occurs in areas of hard water, which means it has approximately 200 mg of calcium per liter. Hard water can also cause damage to your home, and it can cause laundry to be stiff and uncomfortable and, even worse, create an undesirable taste in coffee. 
Q: What is the average pH of common liquids? 
Green Water Technologies: Vinegar, which is considered highly acidic, has a pH of 3. Wine and beer typically range from about 3 to 2.5. Milk hovers somewhere in the 6.3 to 6.6 range while seawater, which is extremely salty, is more on the base side with a pH of 8.3.


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