Monday, June 22, 2020

Green Water Technologies: Best Swimming Holes In Texas

Green Water Technologies
If you’re looking for a place to cool off this summer, Green Water Technologies says you are in luck. Texas, commonly considered one of the hottest states in the South, has dozens of swimming holes that make for an excellent afternoon outing.

Krause Springs

About 30 miles to the west of Austin, you’ll find the sleepy town of Spicewood. Krause Springs is the locals’ favorite place to take a dip on a hot summer afternoon. The waterway feeds into Lake Travis, and there are numerous areas of deep water along the way. With 32 springs feeding the flow, Green Water Technologies’ Texas-based water experts say this is the place to be.

Balmorhea State Park

A quick jump off the diving board at Balmorhea State Park is all it takes to see if this is no ordinary swimming pool. This 1.7 acre, 15 million gallon swimming hole is the perfect matchup between man’s ingenuity and the driving forces of nature. As the world’s largest spring-fed pool, its 25-foot-deep waters allow for diving and snorkeling. Green Water Technologies explains that the water hovers between 72 and 76 degrees throughout the year.

Blue Hole

According to Green Water Technologies, few places are as inviting as Blue Hole, a swimming hole surrounded by nature trails and bird watching opportunities. If you like to hike and watch wildlife, the park has an ecosystem just waiting to be explored.

Hancock Springs Free Flow Pool

If Balmorhea State Park has the largest spring fed pool, Hancock Springs has the oldest. Green Water Technologies says that the first thing you’ll notice upon arriving at this 19-century wonder is a smell of sulfur. This comes from sodium chlorine trapped in the limestone rocks out of which the water surrounding this pool floats.

Green Water Technologies says Texas has the best water recreation and invites everyone to enjoy all the Lone Star State has to offer.


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